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            Air Express
            South Korea 's air express lanes to aging fast , cheap, diversified services , customs clearance process simple and convenient ; may provide you with full one-stop service , the international cargo operations as domestic freight , cargo throughout the on-line tracking and keeps you understand the dynamics of goods , mainly in the following three options: Select ① - Shenzhen airport : passenger aircraft three shifts a day , a group of cargo , general trade customs cut-off time 14:30 every day , but also express declaration, containing a single night 6:00 ; Select ② - Hong Kong airport : passenger plane eight classes a day , three shifts freighters, 6:00 night Cut , Port car over night to reach the airport early in the morning took off in Hong Kong , the main advantage: the receiver with battery and other products Continental restricted products . Select ③ - Go to the door in the air : time 2 days , for large cargo, heavy cargo , choose air freight transit is the most effective way to reduce our transit through partnerships with Shanghai Pudong Airport , Taipei Taoyuan Airport , the greatest degree to provide customers with a variety of services , thereby reducing the customer's logistics costs , saving trading expenses and maximize benefits.
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