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            South Korea's economy logistics to aging fast, cheap, diversified services, delivery process simple and convenient; provide you with full one-stop service, the international cargo operations as domestic freight, cargo throughout the on-line tracking, allowing you to keep abreast of Cargo dynamic, mainly in the following three options: Select ① - Go to the door in the air: time 2 days, for large cargo, heavy cargo, choose air freight transit is the most effective way to reduce our transit through partnerships with Shanghai Airport, Taipei airport, the greatest degree of offers a variety of services to customers, thereby reducing the customer's logistics costs, saving trading expenses and maximize benefits. Select ② - Line-to-door service: timeliness three days, limited to a single piece of size, limited to single weight, we all know, the four major express delivery can not exceed a certain trilateral size, single piece not overweight, but we especially like the overweight Line goods for such goods, our company launched special ultra-low tariff services. Car and home delivery, clearance delivery, payment of customs duties and other services
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